ARMA Professional Development Award


This award supplies professional development support to ARMA members wishing to attend a professional development conference or event in 2023. This can be a request for reimbursement of expenses from an event the applicant attended before the award application was open, or support to attend an event later in the year. Selected applicants must show proof of registration before AIEF distributes payment.

The award will not cover certification prep courses.


  1. Be an ARMA member at the time of application and award distribution.
  2. Have attended, or be planning to attend, a professional development event in 2023. Preference will be given to those requesting support to attend ARMA InfoCon or ARMA Canada, followed by  ARMA events offered at the international, regional, and local levels.
  3. Applicants must attest that their employer will not cover their costs, or will only cover partial costs, or that applicant is self-employed.

Sponsor and Funding

This award is generously funded through a gift from ARMA International.

Selection Committee

The Scholarship Committee will review applications and notify applicants in mid-May.

Reimbursement Award

This is a reimbursement award.

AIEF will award the actual expense for event or conference registration up to $1500 for in-person events and up to $1000 for virtual events. Applicants may request an additional $500 travel stipend to off-set other cost of attendance at in-person events. Applicants may apply for just the stipend or registration plus the stipend.

Depending on the number of applicants and support requested, AIEF anticipates awarding funding to 10-20 applicants.


Applicants must provide proof of event or conference registration before AIEF will distribute awards.

AIEF will make payment directly to the award recipient no later than mid-June. All payments will be made in US dollars. US award recipients will receive their award by check through USPS. International award recipients will receive their award by wire transfer.

Questions? Contact us.

Application Deadline and Requirements

AIEF is accepting applications from March 20 – April 15 and must include:

  • proof of current ARMA membership,
  • a current resume,
  • a statement of need, and
  • a personal statement (no more than one page, 12-point font, double spaced) addressing why you’re interested in attending the event and how it will help you in your career.

Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision in mid-May. After notification of their award, applicants who have not yet registered for their event must do so and submit receipts by May 31.

Schedule of Available Scholarships & Reimbursements

AIEF Education Scholarship - Applications accepted February 15 - March 15.

ARMA Professional Development Award - Applications accepted March 20 - April 15

La ARMA Nostra Certification Reimbursement - Applications accepted July 15 - August 15

No Applications are currently open

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