PRESS RELEASE: Foundation Publishes New Research Report

Palmyra, NJ (05/30/2019) – “Blockchain Technology and Record Keeping” by Victoria L. Lemieux, Ph.D; Darra Hofman, JD, MSLS; Danielle Batista, BARM, MIS; and Alysha Joo, MASLIS.

The Foundation thanks ARMA Canada Region for sponsoring and funding this research project.

The report provides answers to key records management questions about blockchain technology commonly posed by records professionals. Blockchains are an emerging recordkeeping technology producing new forms of records, and new modalities of recordkeeping, with which records and information professionals will need to engage. As blockchain technology is still developing, technical changes as to how it operates can be expected. This report examines the future of recordkeeping in what may be a fluid blockchain world by sharing status and options to the current state of blockchain and record keeping.

The report is available at no charge to interested information management professionals at:

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