Died January 1, 2003

Steve PruliereSteve Pruliere worked for Dow Chemical in Sarnia, Ontario for 27 years beginning his career as a process operator shortly before marrying Susan Pruliere, CIM, in 1975 . He was highly respected by all those who worked with him. His organizational skills and attention to detail were characteristics that came naturally to him and ones which he used to their fullest. Quiet and reserved, he was never one to look to be the centre of attention but as an avid and successful curler and golfer, he enjoyed many successes over the years that put him in the limelight. His mentoring and coaching abilities were sought both within the workplace and without. He could offer advice in a tactful manner that focussed on a person’s strengths rather than where they may have needed some improvement.
When Sue joined ARMA in support of a new Records Management role, Steve supported her membership and attendance at educational activities. As Sue’s involvement in Chapter activities grew, so did her requirement to travel alone in the evening hours. His concern for her safety on the highway prompted him to purchase a cell phone in case of car problems along the way. In recent years, he had begun accompanying Sue to some of her ARMA activities and met some of the folks he had heard about from her. He had even begun inquiring when and where future conferences would be anticipating seeing new places and meeting up again with some of the ARMA folks and the spouses whose company he’d enjoyed previously.

Steve will be missed by all those whose lives he touched.

Recollection contributed by Susan Pruliere, South Western Ontario Chapter President, 2004.

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