Scholarship Program

The Foundation’s scholarship program encourages the development of the information management community with an appropriately educated information management workforce. To accomplish this, and as funds are available, the Foundation offers a variety of funding opportunities for current and aspiring RIM professionals. These awards include scholarships and reimbursement awards to cover costs associated with:

  • earning a bachelor’s degree;
  • earning a graduate-level degree;
  • earning the CRM (Certification of Records Management), IGP (Information Governance Professional Certification), or other information management-related certifications.

The Foundation’s current focus is the field information management (IM) which we define as: including the responsibility for establishing and implementing policies, systems, and procedures to capture, create, access, distribute, use, store, secure, retrieve, and ensure disposition of an organization’s records and information assets. IM is an essential component for information governance, which holds organizations and individuals accountable for the proper handling of information assets. IM enables awareness to both business and technology changes enabling any organization to respond, with confidence, to changing needs.

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Funding is determined on an annual basis. The Foundation reserves the right not to offer grants unless funding is available. The Foundation encourages endowed scholarships supported by gifts from individuals and organizations. Potential donors are invited to contact the Foundation for more information.


All applications for each scholarship program will be adjudicated by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation. Each application will be judged based on its completeness and the quality of the requirement components. If, in the opinion of the committee, no applications received in a given year warrant an award, none will be given in that year.


Graduate scholarships payments are made directly to the scholarship winner soon after all applicants have been notified of the committee’s decisions. All payments will be made in US dollars.

Additional Information

For general information about college-level scholarships, including a list of scholarship search platforms, please visit: