Research Proposal Guidelines

The Foundation’s Research Committee uses the following guidelines to assist with the selection of quality projects. Please keep them in mind as you complete your project proposal form.

  • The subject matter must be in alignment with the Foundation’s mission and goals and the current research agenda.
  • The research should promote fresh thinking and new perspectives. It may also focus on new products and tools, but it must be objective, not intended for the promotion of specific products or vendors.
  • Address the challenges the information management profession and individual professionals face, particularly when dealing with the impact and implications of information technology.
  • Have a realistic timeline, measurable milestones, and the means to achieve these milestones.
  • Be relevant to at least two of the Foundation’s audiences (listed below).
  • Demonstrate unbiased, credible, and ethical research practices.
  • Comply with professional ethical standards for data collection, management, and analysis (e.g., not capture e-mail addresses or other personally identifiable information without the express permission of the participants, anonymize the data, etc.).
  • Ensure that all research data is maintained in secured and locked areas and, when appropriate, password protect all devices with access to the raw data.
  • Ensure that, upon the completion of the project, that the aggregate research data will be made available for media releases, articles, and/or other editorial or promotional purposes.


Archivists Information Management Professionals (Established)
Certification Bodies in Information Management Information Management Professionals (New)
Compliance Professionals Information Technology Businesses
Consultants Information Technology Professionals
Disaster Preparedness/Business Continuity Communities Lawyers
Educators Librarians
Executive Managers Privacy Professionals
Government Employees  Risk Professionals
Government Agencies & Associations Security Professionals
Heavily Regulated/Litigious Organizations Students
Information Governance Professionals


Research Proposal

To submit a research proposal, complete the following application: Research Proposal Form