(Palmyra NJ – October 5, 2019)  The ARMA International Educational Foundation (Foundation) is a leading organization that facilitates research, scholarship, and education for the information management profession.  Its mission is to provide current and relevant resources to information management professionals allowing them to advance in the profession.

The Foundation is looking for a researcher to do a research project on the above topic.

Use of third-party providers is a widespread practice throughout all industries and organizations because it provides a cost-effective method of scaling resources and leveraging expertise. From a Records and Information (RIM) perspective, this poses special retention and liability challenges since information may be created, stored or retained by third parties (knowingly or unknowingly). This practice and its affectation on RIM is under-reported related to hard copy and electronic/digital records.

The research should address, at a minimum, the following questions:

  • What constitutes a third party?
  • What third party usage breach is of most concern for RIM?
  • What partnerships, i.e. information security, legal (non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, legal holds), or provider/client privilege are involved?
  • How are records destruction monitored for third parties where the third party must retain copies for their regulatory purposes or per their organization’s retention schedule?
  • What are the special concerns specific to cloud storage and hard copy storage from a RIM perspective?
  • What are the concerns for third party storage for both hard copy and electronic/digital records storage when payment delinquency is in play?
  • Are there current industry best practices for RIM with third party relationships?

The suggested methodology includes but may not be limited to interviews, surveys, legal or industry research.

A liaison from the Foundation will be assigned to the project and will be a resource to the researcher. 

Funding: $5,000.00
Contract Term: 6 months or as set out in the contract.
Copyright: Copyright will be retained by the Foundation.
Application deadline: September 23, 2019
Submission: E-mail your resume and cover letter detailing your relevant experience to: cdoran@armaedfoundation.org


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