The Foundation (ARMA International Educational Foundation-AIEF) is pleased to announce the 2017 La ARMA Nostra reimbursement grant winners.

Sandra Bates is a member of the ARMA Saskatchewan Chapter. “As an information management professional there is a continual quest for knowledge to constantly improve our operations. The CRM (certified records manager) certification that I am currently working towards is the next step in that ongoing continuing education. The CRM certification is considered an asset and an achievement in the environment I work in. I am delighted that the La ARMA Nostra Certification Reimbursement Scholarship will assist me in realizing this milestone in my career.”

Sandra Bates

Aimee Dyjur is an ARMA Edmonton Chapter member. “I am relatively new in the world of Records Management and winning this award is very encouraging! I have had my eye on many new books to be able to extend my knowledge and further my career, so thank you! I am extremely grateful!”

Aimee Dyjur

Elizabeth (Liz) Francis belongs to the ARMA Boston Chapter. “The CRM credential provides a framework for the skills and competencies I need to build at the beginning of my career, as well as a roadmap for continuing education. Thanks to support from the La ARMA Nostra Certification Reimbursement Scholarship, the CRM is within reach.”

Elizabeth (Liz) Francis

Torey King is in the ARMA Northern New Jersey Chapter. “Receiving a 2017 La ARMA Nostra RIM Certification Reimbursement award provides me with encouragement as well as financial support. I feel as though my ARMA colleagues are in my corner as I continue to pursue a Certified Records Management certification. The award is a morale booster that will help launch me into the next phase of my career.”

Torey King

Elena Tanner from ARMA Houston Chapter. “I am honored to be a recipient of the La ARMA Nostra certification reimbursement reward. This is a significant achievement and not only monetarily. As my peers, you have recognized through my application and essay that I value becoming an information management professional. This is a wonderful compliment, and I thank you. This award has energized my dedication to this association. Further, my employer will continue to benefit, by my championing the high standards and the spirited focus of this profession.”

Elena Tanner

Jia Zhu is also an ARMA Edmonton Chapter member. She has completed the CRM process. “I am so thrilled to have received this award. As an information management professional, I am consistently challenged by ever changing technologies and have to keep up with latest trends in work environment. This award is a great assistance to me to be able to continue advance my knowledge and apply them to my work setting.”

Jia Zhu

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