La ARMA Nostra

A message from Nicholas J. De Laurentis, CRM,IGP, “The Godfather” of La ARMA Nostra, “This ARMA of Ours”


This year has been challenging for most all of us in a number of ways. Les Bossert, Corporate Records Manager for Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU), Bismarck, North Dakota where he was employed for 38 years, passed away unexpectedly on September 23, 2020. Les received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of North Dakota, majoring in Business Management and Records & Information Management. He studied under the direction of Mark Langemo, CRM, FAI. Les was an inaugural member of La ARMA Nostra. Les was a true professional with a kind, mentoring spirit, and a personal friend to me and so many of us. He will be missed by family, friends, and this profession. I encourage you to take a moment to visit Les Bossert’s Memorial Page

Learn from others and pass on what you can to those willing to benefit from your knowledge and experiences. – Les Bossert


The La ARMA Nostra endowment fund will be receiving a contribution of up to $1,000 annually from the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM). I am sharing the announcement I received from Paula Sutton, CRM, IGP, FAI – President of the ICRM, and La ARMA Nostra family member on December 3, 2020:

Hi Nick,
Hope you are doing well during this crazy year! I wanted to let you know that this week the ICRM BOR approved a couple of donations to La ARMA Nostra. Tomorrow, during the ICRM annual business meeting, I will be announcing the ICRM will be donating $1,500 in Memory of Les Bossert, ICRM board member who passed away in September. The BOR also approved an annual donation to La ARMA Nostra for up to $1,000 in Memorium of all ICRM members who are no longer with us.
Wanted to let you know before the rest of the world as I know how passionate you are about La ARMA Nostra and helping others. This is a great tribute to Les who had the same passion and to others in our profession who are no longer with us.


It would be very easy to look back and feel like we have made a difference… but our work continues. The next generation of RIM/IG professionals is coming up, corporate/employer sponsorship is rare, and our peers need our help. The power of many can make an enormous impact on the future.
Please consider making a donation, small or large. Every action makes a difference. I challenge you to review this list of recipients. More likely than not you have met or work with one of these individuals. We have made a difference… who can we help next?

To donate online (Visa or MasterCard); please visit this link:


After awarding the 3 $3,000 Scholarships and 30 $500 Reimbursement Awards above, we have now awarded $24,000 in scholarships/professional development reimbursement awards. You should each take pride in what you have done here.

Our endowment fund remains at $9,401 in contributions collected to be awarded out over the next several years! We will strive to continue to perpetuate this charitable giving forward as long as we have support.


I wanted to start off by conveying my continued gratitude for the way you have represented our family’s (“This ARMA of Ours”) interest over the last several years.

The name, “La ARMA Nostra” was born from a concept I presented at a 2009 ARMA International Board meeting during a conversation with Patrick Cunningham and Doug Allen. Later that year, following Leadership training at the ARMA Conference in Orlando, FL an opportunity arose to hold our first “family meeting” and shared our vision for this “organization”. We were able to raise approximately $1,200 through my goals:

1. To advance the profession and professionals by way of shared networking
2. To contribute/grow the funds of “family” organizations (e.g. AIEF) for the betterment of the professionals
3. To attract and retain the next generation of RIM/IG professionals and leadership

Our family was officially formed by 42 members who agreed to commit to these goals and the advancement of our professionals. An endowment fund was created and has grown every year of our existence. For the next several years, family meetings were held each year at Conference to review our efforts, celebrate those accomplishments of the recipients of our fund-raising and to stay connected as a family. Our ranks have grown to over 160 members.


2020 Awards

Jeffrey Baldwin, CRM Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Shirley Derrick (CRA, ARMA Milwaukee)

Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Erica Siegrist(CRA, ARMA Austin)
  • Whitney Nelson(CRA, Zasio)

2019 Awards

Jeffrey Baldwin, CRM Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Olga Kanevskyi   (CRA, ARMA Calgary)
  • Matthew Kunkle (CRA, ARMA San Antonio)

Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Amitabh Srivastav (IGP, ARMA Ottawa)

2018 Awards

Jeffrey Baldwin, CRM Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Azure Brown, CRM (CRM, ARMA Southwest Region)
  • Gil Brueckner (CRM Candidate, ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region)
  • Donna Faler, CRM (CRM, ARMA Southwest Region)

Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Mandy Coghill (IGP Candidate, Canada Region)
  • Jacqueline DiOrio, CRA (CRA, ARMA Pacific Region)
  • Mary Marquez (IGP Candidate, ARMA Southwest Region)

2017 Awards

Jeffrey Baldwin, CRM Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Sandra Bates (CRA 2017, ARMA Canada Region)
  • Aimee Dyjur (CRA Candidate, ARMA Canada Region)
  • Elizabeth Francis (CRM Candidate, ARMA Northeast Region)

Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Torey King (CRM Candidate, Northeast Region)​
  • Elena Tanner (CRA 2016, ARMA Southwest Region)​
  • Jia Zhu (CRM 2017, ARMA Canada Region)

2016 Awards

Jeffrey Baldwin, CRM Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Jennifer Baranski (CRM Candidate, ARMA Great Lakes Region)
  • Cori Brock (CRM 2016, ARMA Midwest Rocky Mountain Region)
  • Philip Guenther (CRM Candidate, ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region)

Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Margot Note (CRM 2016)
  • Valerie Raiche (CRM Candidate, ARMA Midwest Rocky Mountain Region)
  • Deborah Robbins (CRM Candidate, ARMA Southwest Region)

2015 Awards

Jeffrey Baldwin, CRM Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Joshua Bullough (pursuing CRM, Pacific Region)
  • Linnea Knapp (pursuing CRM, Great Lakes Region)
  • Sofia Scalzitti (pursuing CRM, Great Lakes Region)

Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP Memorial Reimbursement Awards ($500 each)

  • Jeanne Callen (pursuing CRM, Great Lakes Region)
  • Trudi Crumpwright (pursuing CRM, Canadian Region)
  • Andrew San Agustin (pursuing CRM, Great Northwest Region)


In 2014, we refocused our efforts to provide reimbursement awards for those pursuing professional certifications.  Following the untimely loss of two of our founding members, Komal Gulich, CRM, IGP and Jeff Baldwin, CRM, we decided to name 3 $500 awards for each every year, totaling 6 awards and $3,000 annually.



  • Clare Cameron (Brock University) – $3,000 LAN Scholarship


  • Stephanie Woods (Univ. of New Brunswick) – $3,000 LAN Scholarship


  • Laura Markiewicz (McGill University) – $3,000 LAN Scholarship


iCiaio Bella!t

The “Godfather”

Nicholas J. De Laurentis, CRM, IGP