Endowment Campaign

The ARMA International Educational Foundation (the Foundation) is a funding resource for individuals and organizations and is devoted to supporting education and research initiatives that promote the advancement of both information managers and the information management profession.

The Foundation’s top priority is to fund research and educational programs that will benefit both the information management practitioner and the profession. By establishing the Foundation for the future endowment campaign, the Foundation’s Trustees have taken the first critical step – laying the foundation for a more beneficial and growth-oriented future.

Success is dependent upon support from practitioners, vendors, educators and educational institutions, professional associations, and organizations both within and outside the information management community

Records and information are corporate assets and are the lifeblood of organizations in today’s global economy. The need to record, quickly access, and share information assets is critical to the success of every organization. Institutional restructuring, greater reliance on computers, digital technology and the Internet, and the changing needs and expectations of customers are quickly changing many traditional approaches to information management.

The information management profession faces new and increased demands and it must be equipped to respond in a comprehensive and strategic fashion. It is critical to the profession that the Foundation fulfill its mission to provide funding for education and research. Permanent, self-sustaining financial resources will enable the Foundation to consistently fund those activities that are most needed and position itself to provide a funding framework that will benefit the profession well into the 21st century.

The Foundation is seeking corporate and individual contributions that can be made as one-time gifts or over a five-year period. Contributions can be made to the general endowment fund or to a specific initiative. To make a pledge, please click: [Revised Pledge Form forthcoming].