Call For Researchers: Canadian Requirements for Personal Information Protection

The Foundation is currently seeking one or two researchers to jointly work with us on a new project, on a self-directed, freelance basis. The project, “Canadian Requirements for Personal Information Protection,” will identify, define, and describe requirements for personal information protection in Canada at the federal and provincial levels, creating two reports to be published online through the Foundation’s website. The research will consist of a bibliographic review of materials relating to privacy and data protection using books, guides and legal reviews of laws and standards, resulting in two written reports. The reports will be reviewed by a Canadian legal expert prior to publication. A Foundation liaison will be assigned to the project and work with the lead researcher through its duration.

See our two publications, Requirements for Personal Information Protection Part I: US Federal Laws and Part II: US State Laws, for examples of the expected deliverables:

Available Funding: $5,000.00 (Canadian) in three installments.

Contract Term: Four months from the date of signed contract.

Applications: Please send a resume and a cover letter detailing your experience and suggestions for the project as email attachments to:

Copyright: Copyright will be retained by the Foundation.

Deadline for Applications: December 1, 2017